Tuesday 19 August 2008

The Bloody Butcher


Hook - Kamasam B175 Size 8
Tail - Scarlet Duck Quills
Wing - Butcher Blues Matched Opposites
Body - Silver Tinsel 1/32
Rib - Fine oval wire
Hackle - Folded Small Scarlet Cock Hackle
Thread - 6-0 Uni Thread Black
Varnish - Clear & Black

The Bloody Butcher - A variation On a Classic Trout Lure Often Used For Sea Trout.

1. Catch in thread and wind along shank in open turns

2. Tie in the tail wind thread to eye and catch in tinsel and wire rib. Wind thread to tail binding in the tinsel and rib and wind back to eye.

3. Wind on tinsel towards eye and tie in. Wind on rib in open turns to eye and tie in. Prepare a small cock hackle and tie in by the stem folding using wetted fingers.

4. Make three turns with cock hackle and take a pair of matched wing slips tying them down over the top of the hackle after drawing it down with the fingers.

5. Make a neat head.

6. Whip finish using a whip finish tool or fingers

7. Add a small drop or two of black varnish before cutting off thread and allow to dry.

8. Add a drop or two of clear varnish.

9. The finished article/s

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