Tuesday 9 September 2008

Forum Posting Problems

Apparently there have been problems for folk trying to post on the discussion forum.

The problem has now been rectified and was down to forum permissions.

Many apologies but there are going to be a few teething problems which should get ironed out as we tread our weary path.
Anyway, if you want to join and post then feel free there's sections on fly fishing, spinning , trolling, coarse fishing, climbing, walking and if you just want to have a good old grouse ( Sorry Grousey ) batter on.
Link is at the top left of the page or you can use this one here.
The Forum is quiet at the moment but we do have 7 members since 23 rd August and I'm sure it will grow into a great info system for Scottish fishing and beyond.
There is a private V.I.P. lounge for ordinary anglers who are as always very important poster's so why not get a front seat.
The forum will be run by members for members so anything you have to say will always be listened to and acted upon.

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