Friday 6 May 2011

Scottish Election Results

The SNP has won by a majority and Ian Gray, the labour leader has resigned. Personally I couldn't give a flying **** but maybe labour will bin their idiotic carry a knife and go to jail policy which was an affront to every workman who uses sharp tools, angler, outdoorsman and anyone else who reasonably and without intention of harm wanted to carry a knife beyond their front door.

If one good thing comes from this I hope the S.N.P. finally does something about salmon farms and at the very least compells the farm owners to work with river owners and fishing associations to improve the returning stocks of wild salmon. The fishery managers on the river Lochy near Spean Bridge have shown there is hope. Fish farms won't go away, there's too much money involved, so lets see the example of the Lochy put into practice on more sea loch's and river systems around the West coast.

 "Enlist my Bonnie Laddie an' come awa' wae me"

I could go on but I won't - Rant over !

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