Wednesday 27 June 2012

Loch Coulter

I took a run up to loch Coulter which is the club water of Larbert and Stenhousemuir Angling Club in the Campsie's last night as with the mild weather it seemed like a nice night to get my first cast of the season in at thew loch.

Normally I would go via Bannockburn as it's a shorter better route but decided to take the Kelt road from Banknock and see if anything was happening at Drumbowie loch, the Bonnybridge angling club water but was surprised to see that there didn't appear to be any one out.

Anyway, I headed up to the Coulter and had a chat with someone there with a wee jack Russel called Jock who introduced himself as one of the river Carron water Bailiff's. I'd heard about fish losses last year due to a Blue Green algae bloom but according to what I was told the losses were quite substantial.

So, on the fishing front, things didn't look very promising promising at all as in addition to last years losses, there was a tremendous hatch of  Caenis " the anglers curse " on the go......... :-( .

Ever the optimist however, I tackled up and hit the water in boat no.3

at about 8 p.m covering the North shore down from the boathouse with a floating line an various flies for about 500 meters. This took me well into dusk and changing tactics, I opted for a slow glass intermediate on the way back up the loch using various lures, attractors and nymphs, eventually getting back to the jetty and into the car for about 10.30 p.m.

It was a very disappointing evening. I never got a touch or saw a fish rise either and looking in the catch reports, the month of June just doesn't seem to have been producing the goods at all !

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