Saturday 15 September 2012

RAF Leuchars Saturday 15th September 2012

I took the family to the airshow display at RAF Leuchars on Saturday and as well as having had a fantastic day out got some outstanding photographs.

Blink and they're gone. I'm pretty chuffed with myself at getting this shot :-)

Typhoon Eurofighter on a flypast.

B-52 Stratocaster Bomber call sign " Judgement Day "

I'll add some more photo's of a truly fantastic day out for individuals, couples or families a wee bit later.

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  1. Awesome photos! I've never personally liked the military 'tradition' (which I presume is American) of adding such motifs to warplanes. To me it says the soldiers aren't taking the war as seriously as they should be, or are getting a bit too much enjoyment out of bombing things. Then again that's perhaps just how soldiers cope with such aspects.