Friday 7 December 2012

Spectre of Scottish Rod Licence Rears It's Ugly Head

It would appear politicians are again calling for around 300,000 Scottish Angler's to have the requirement for rod licenses - similar to those imposed by the Environment Agency in England - put on the statute books here in Scotland.

" The Scottish Government are considering introducing licenses for anyone wanting to fish for salmon or trout in loch's or rivers. " What should be noted is that the majority of trout and salmon fishing carried out in Scotland, is done on private land under permits issued by private landowners. So, how the current Scottish Government i.e. the S.N.P. think they can impose a rod licence or " rod tax " north of the border is beyond me.

Having said that, something we should not forget is that this is the same government who want to impose minimum alcohol pricing, random stop powers for the police over motorists and the banning of airguns or more like the introduction of licences or " taxes " on Airgun owners. Kenny McCaskill, the Scottish Government's Justice secretary also sanctioned the untimely release of Abdel Baset al Megrahi, and they, those in POWER in Holyrood, want to legislate on us - go figure !

The common thread of Scottish Government legislation at the moment seems to be ban and tax the Scottish people until they become a banal, state controlled population. Is it any wonder we are pish at football when we, as a nation, can't stand up to these " paper tiger's " in Holyrood ?

I used to vote S.N.P. but don't any more and can't see me voting for an independent Scotland as it's my view we need someone outside Scotland to keep these " Numpties ", to use one of Alex Salmond's colloquialisms, in the Scottish Government in check.

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