Monday 21 January 2013

Wanted - Keith the Seal !

It seems the angling trust are about to put a price on the head of Keith the Seal and some folk are a bit unhappy about it.


I don't know why they can't just catch the bloody thing and put it back in the sea if they're so upset about it which is what the Angling Trust wanted to do in the first place. Some folk have just got to have something to protest about ?

Fans fight to save Keith the seal after anglers seek firearms licence

I was watching Rick Stein yesterday and he showed pictures of salmon running a weir on the Severn and was saying how it was an annual local spectacle but it won't be happening this year if Keith hangs around.

Keith is a rubbish name for a seal anyway. Everyone knows they're called Sammy


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  2. Thanks for your comment safest seal. I think you might be a bit more interested in marketing than the welfare of Keith though ;-)