Monday 25 February 2013

Spurious Stuff

Re-directed from March 2013...

Without Spending too much time on this, it's something that needs to be addressed.
Just over a week ago, a friend brought comments to my attention which have been posted on a Blogger called Allan from Hillend 's face book site. He's claiming comments were posted by a Blogger called Donald from Cumbernauld on his blog. I'm assuming the claims are about me because I don't know anyone else who runs a fishing blog in Cumbernauld.

I contacted Allan, privately on 20-3-2013 by e-mail and fb p.m. to discuss the claims but he's declined to comment. I can only therefor assume, that the claims don't refer to me and are entirely spurious. If they do refer to me I'm at a total loss to explain what this is all about as I've never met Allan and have never had much interest in him, his blog ( which was started over a year and a half after this one ) or his varied forum activities over the years even though he seems to keep more than abreast of what's happening here. It might be worth noting that I've recently had some problems with an anonymous poster here at Fishing in Scotland and  had quite a bit of bother on a couple of fishing forums a few years back with a troll from Caldercruix using various pseudonyms one of which was Troutform. It wouldn't therefor be too great a stretch of the imagination to assume that this idiot from Caldercruix and the current miscreant are one in the same.

Hopefully this is an end to the matter.

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