Friday 31 May 2013

Fish On - Friday 31st May 2013

Seeing as the weather was quite fair tonight, I decided to take a jaunt to a wee place I know after I'd cut the grass.

I went here.

I took this

And this

I had a wee blether with some of the guys who were fishing from the bank and had a wee fire going. Then I put in and headed for the North shore which has always been quite productive for me and caught this wee broonie on a cinnamon and gold

who took to the air several times and gave a good account of himself for his size but I put  him back. Then I had a mooch around for about an hour before heading for my launch site. But then I caught this slightly better troot on a Goat's Toe

That I had a wee bit of bother unhooking, so I chapped it for the pot before having another wee belther with the guys on shore before I went home.

Tight Lines.

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