Wednesday 19 June 2013

Bruce Springsteen - Live at Hampden Park - 18th June 2013

Last Night, which was a fine summer's evening, myself and my wife went to see " The Boss " at Hampden Park - Scotland's National Stadium in Glasgow.

I could talk at length and wax lyrical about Mr. Springsteen's concert but will cut to the chase and sum it up in the one paragraph I posted on another site last night.

" Just back from seeing Bruce Springsteen live at Hampden Park in Glasgow. The man is a  powerhouse. 63 years old and he just did a three and a half hour show with no breaks.
He doesn't use a support act either. Talk about value for money,  you're paying to see Bruce Springsteen and it's Mr. Springsteen along with his E Street band that put's on a show for you. I was tired out just watching the man. "

I've been a fan or his music and style for many years. Now I know why they call him, " The Boss ".

I don't go to many concerts because of ticket prices but knew this was a concert not to be missed. I'm still buzzing and both myself and my wife - who's not even a fan - came away from the concert with the feeling that we had seen something special, something incredible.  We had seen Bruce Springsteen at the top of his form. We had seen an entertainer that has the abilty to move you with his music and presence and make you feel part of what is happening around you. Even if you don't know all of the words or all of the songs.

Bruce Springsteen is a  true singer/songwriter who along with the E-Street Band  connected with the crowd in a way other artist's fail to even come close to and got the whole of Hampden rocking.

As they said in the Daily Record today.

" Everyone else, this is how it's done ! "

In my opinion, Bruce Springsteen is a man who is more than an entertainer, he is a man, who along with Greats such as Johnny Cash, rightly deserves to be known as a " legend in his time ".

Outstanding ! 

Here's last night's three and a half hour setlist :-

1. We Take Care of Our Own

2. The Ties That Bind
3. Jole Blon (Harry Choates cover) (Sign request from the crowd)
4. It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City (Sign request)
5. Radio Nowhere (Sign request)
6.No Surrender 
7.Wrecking Ball
8.Death to My Hometown
9.My City of Ruins
10.Spirit in the Night
11.The E Street Shuffle 
12.I'm on Fire (Sign request)
13.Tougher Than the Rest (Sign request)
14.Atlantic City
15.Murder Incorporated
16.Johnny 99 
17.Open All Night 
18.Darlington County
19.Shackled and Drawn
20.Waitin' on a Sunny Day
21.The Rising
23.Land of Hope and Dreams


24.Born to Run
25.Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)(Sign request)
26.Dancing in the Dark 
27.Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
28.Twist and Shout / La Bamba
29.Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)

Encore 2 and finale:

30.Thunder Road (Solo acoustic)

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