Tuesday 9 July 2013

Corsican Dave goes Large !

Corsican Dave a well known local mountaineering instructor in the Aviemore and Cairngorms area caught this lovely and Large Pike the other week from one of his secret waters.

Would you believe that he caught it on this tiny wee lure that nearly had him straight up in a high stakes game of Texas Hold em without a net ! He did the right thing though and put the big guy or gal - straight back.

(Just goes to show size isn't everything when it comes to big Pike)

Measurements on the fish were 40" or 1.01m in metric putting the pike well into high single doubles at anywhere from 16 to 20lbs.

Here's Dave just back from a nice wee catch while using his fishing kayak in the salt.

(All pictures courtesy of Corsican Dave - All rights reserved)

Dave is a keen all round angler with his main interests in lure, fly and salt water fly fishing on or off his kayak in remote and unexpected locations.

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