Sunday 18 August 2013

A Perthshire Loch - Somewhere in Perthshire

Somewhere in Deepest Darkest Perthshire 16-8-2013

On friday morning after a bit of an accidental sleep in I met up with John at the Stirling Angling Centre, got my gear out of the motor, into his and we were on our way.

After about an hours journey, we met up with three of the other guys who were joining us for the day, collected our permits and headed to the loch via a winding single track road crossing groiuse moors where we watched a pair of Red Kites floating freely in the breeze as they do even though they look as though they are tethered to the ground in some way.

We got our gear organised and me and John took the boat first with him hitting a nice wee brown trout on about his second cast. After that however, things were pretty dour in the fair weather and bright sunshine so we headed in for lunch and a chinwag around 1pm.

After lunch John and Jim took to the boat with me and the other guys doing our thing from the bank but even though the sky became overcast with a nice breeze and what seemed like perfect conditions there were very few additional hook ups and the one other trout that was boated by John again was a hard won fish in what should have been a more productive day.

Regardless of our mainly fishless escapades however, it was a great day in a great location in great company.

Here's some photaes.

 The Loch

John into a fish

Let's do lunch

Deid Thing

 WTF are these guys all about ?

John and Jim heading back

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