Friday 23 August 2013

"See" Haar on The East Neuk of Fife

Haar we go again 22 Aug - 2013

I'd made arrangements to meet Geoff Hall on the East Coast in the Kingdom of Fife yesterday so traveled up through Dunfermline and Leven, branching off at Lower Largo for what I thought would be a shortcut. I reckon as the crow flies it probably is shorter in distance but I won't be taking that detour again because it winds it's way through the B roads and I'm sure there are times when you're actually heading back on yourself  when the main road, although possibly a bit longer seems a heck of a lot straighter and is a qucker and faster route.

Anyway, arriving just over half an hour later than agreed because I got lost for a bit in the thick Haar covering the fields and rolling over the land having seeming to go in circles with every road end pointing to Crail going in the opposite direction to the last one. I pulled into the car park in a bit of a Pea Souper to find Geoff already there. I think I knew what was coming because we couldn't even see the sea what with visibility being down to less than a hundred metres on land. And, right enough, Geoff was less than keen to head out but I must admit I think I was even less keen than he was. Going out to sea, in a thick Haar, in a kayak, without a compass, in a bit of a swell and a blow, onshore or otherwise just doesn't float my boat.

(photo courtesy of  Geoff Hall. All rights reserved)

It's not just the chance of getting lost or ending up well off shore that's a problem, going out to sea without radar equipment in limited visibilty is actually pretty stupid for a variety of reasons. One of which being the obvious danger of being run over by a bigger boat that can't see you and that you can't see until it's on top of you is a very real and present danger.

So, with the weather in a complete juxta position to that which was forecast i.e. clear and calm. This was to be the shortest kayak trip ever with our kayaks never even leaving the roofracks and after a bit of banter but not before Geoff presented me with a lovely jar of perfectly clear but wholesome honey made by his busy bees.

Pure gold in a jar

Geoff's honey was the only thing that was clear yesterday.

 After which, we bade our farewells and I made the hour or so journey home out of the Kingdom of Fife via the Kincardine Bridge.

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  1. If only the weather forecasts were as clear and sweet as the honey. Till next time.