Wednesday 4 September 2013

AAAaaaargh - disappeared photo's

Missing photo's

I've been reassigning some stuff that has unfortunately affected some photo's on the blog and has made them disappear.

I still have the originals and will be doing what I can to restore them but would really appreciate if anyone notices a post with a missing photo if they could let me know which one it is by posting a comment and this will help me to replace photo's I may have missed.

This unfortunately is one of the perils of taking the easy route when uploading photo's as it can mean moving or deleting something can cause a broken link if you've used an applications internal upload facility instead of using an external photo hosting location.

It's really weird this though because I uploaded most of the disappeared photo's in the same way as the one's which haven't disappeared but know it hasn't been due to external sources as it happened when I was messing about with stuff.

Luckily it only seems to be a few posts that have been affected.

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