Thursday 19 September 2013

Cruncher Time

After about 18 months off the vice, I decided to tie a couple of these wee fella's up


Hook             Kamasan B830 size 10 - 14
Thread         Uni Thread 8/0  ( red )
Tail               Chinese neck - brown or red game cock
Body             4 strands hen pheasant tail              
Rib               Ultra wire small - copper
Thorax          2 strands peacock herl
Wing buds    1 x Jungle cock split tied over the thorax
Hackle          Chinese neck - brown or red game hen

There are many variations of this fly but a favourite of mine is to use ultra wire small, colour red, in tight turns for the body instead of pheasant tail ( which requires no rib ) with a furnace or greenwells head hackle and a 3/32" goldhead bead in front of the eye.

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