Sunday 9 February 2014

Cairngorm Railway for Sale on E Bay

Picked this story up today which doesn't have a lot to do with fishing but it is about Scotland and I thought it was quite funny

A prankster put the Cairngorm railway up for sale on e-bay a few days ago but it has now been pulled due to complaints from the owners.

Apparently it was being sold because it wouldn't work properly in the winter

From The Highland News

THE highest railway line in Scotland has been put up for sale on the internet shopping site ebay.
But there is one major problem facing the lucky bidder who clinches the deal before the deadline date of February 10.
According to the mystery seller, known only as "alij961", the buyer will have to collect the train in person, which could prove to be a logistical nightmare.,,, "

The Cairn Gorm funicular railway has been posted for sale on ebay. Picture: Peter Evans

It is a funicular railway after all.

Read the full article here

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