Saturday 12 April 2014

What a let Down

Well, as some folk know I had a wee kayak fishing/bothy weekend organised at Peanmeanach for today, tomorrow and Sunday. I was really looking forward to a couple of nights round the fire, one of the guys was going to do a wee film and we had even been sponsored by the Arisaig Sea Kayak Centre .

Peanmeanach is in a beatiful location with stunning scenery and even has a couple of freshwater loch's close by if you don't fancy the salt.

Anyway, what's happened you ask yourself ? The cameraman's timing belt has gone on his van ( allegedly ), one of the guys took the huff, seems as though the other has had a better offer and I don't know whether the other guy who was supposed to be heading up there with his son has gone or not because I can't contact him.

Do I feel a bit let down ? Too F*****g right I do. I know that folk sometimes can't make these things at the last minute and I've been guilty of this myself in the past but I always try and let folk know whether I'm going or not 

Upside is the weather ain't that great this weekend anyway and there will be plenty more opportunities. I'm also hoping to have a second kayak soon, so should be able to ask forum members if they fancy a go at the kayak fishing and perhaps even the bothying too 

Rant over.

P.S. There is still a spare kayak and all gear laid on F.O.C.  if someone fancies joining me for a last minute getaway 

Am I going to mention your name ? Too fucking right I will...

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