Thursday 24 September 2015

Some New Additions to the Bushcraft Armoury

Was down at my local army surplus the other day and picked up some new bushcraft tools.

I have Crusader MK1 and Mk2 cooksets but find them a bit too bulky so am trying to put something together along the lines of the pathfinder canteen and cookset for a fraction of the cost that I can stow in a British Army water bottle webbing pouch when I'm on the move along with fire starting kit and a bottke of meths. This will give me the option to cook with wood, solid fuel tabs or meths using a Trangia Burner.

The items pictured are a USA GI canteen water bottle, Esbit " small " solid fuel stove, Zippo petrol lighter, Mora Companion SS knife and a GI canteen cup. Am hoping to buy another GI cup to make a pot stand / burner windshield soon. The pack of cards is to give a size comparison for the closed Esbit stove.

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