Thursday 28 August 2008

Harelaw Trout Fishery

Here's a link to Harelaw Trout fishery and here's a report I've lifted from the Fishing in Scotland discussion Forum link here

Had a trip down to Harelaw fishery today close to Nielston, near Glasgow with a good bunch of guys. I was supposed to travel down with Cumbrian Fly-Fisher and Jock Scott but could'nae get out of my bed so arrived around eleven after going all round the houses. If you've not been there before, make sure you've got directions before you go. It's a cracking place covering approx 120 acres. Well serviced with decent boats and at £35 for two men in a boat for ten fish it's well priced. Alex Cairnie, the owner seems a pretty decent type of guy and was a great host.Here's some photo's.


The Venue

The Fishing Lodge.

This was my first Rainbow of the day taken on a home tied Black Spider on the middle dropper four casts into the outing. The fish weighed in at 3lb 9oz and gave a great scrap.


A bit further up the drift after I got sorted, four or five casts again and I'm into another about 2.5 lbs on an Ace of Spades on the point. I reckonned I was going to bag up for 5 in about an hour but it went quite so I headed back to the lodge to meet the lads.

Back out and four casts on it's a repeat of the morning session with this cracker at about three pounds on a Zulu with a front red hackle fished on the bob again.About half an hour later it's happening all over again with another fish just under 3lbs on the Red Hackled Zulu on the bob. All of the fish were taken whilst lifting the cast into the surface layers and the set up seemed to allow for good searching of the feeding levels. All the fish gave a great scrap.


Jock and Cumbrian

A fine broonie from Jock caught on an orange cat's whisker variant.

I finished on four fish for 12.5lbs and headed back to the lodge after it went quiet where I had a bit of banter with Alex and the lads and headed home for tea.

Situated 600 feet above sea level I reckon the setting is quite stunning but make sure you're well wrapped early and late in the season.

Couldn't recommend this place more and will definately be back.

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