Monday 29 September 2008

Lake of Menteith

I had a day at Lake of Menteith with one of my fishing buddies today and it was wet and wild.

The Lake is billed as one of Scotlands premier fisheries but to say it was a bit dour today is a bit of an understatement.

Fisherman 1 had arrived early and organised the boat so by the time I arrived at around 11.30, he'd already hooked and lost a good brown. Straightened hook which then broke off - shockeroony.

We mooched around the Lake here and there trying to find a good spot but with no drogue and a strong wind against us, the Weathergods were definately not smiling upon us.

A squall came in around 1.30 p.m. and we took cover in the trees donating a packet of worcestireshire sauce crisps to the Wild Boars who were more than thankfull. We even thought of putting survival training skills into action by taking one for the put but it wouldn't have fitted in our boat. ( Only Kidding - well we didn't have any flees suitable for Wild Boars :-> )

Back on the Lake and we were for chukking it at 3p.m. but 1st one fish then another showed. " 4.30 then mate - aye OK "

Moved into the wee bay just up from the boathouse and was feeling there might be a fish or two here. Changed to floaters and stuck a few of Mr. S's flees on and I just let it hang. Started retrieve and next thing I know there's a Jumper on my line none the less. Got it in and a nice 2 & 1/2/ lb Blue it was too. Fought like a five pounder.

Here's a few of photo's

Why's my hat no straight M8. :->

Strange thing is the blue took the middle dropper and the point fly was long gone - did I have a 2 fish hook up ? Dunno, but the Troot had pike gashes on it's belly did the Pike hit the fish and end up with the point fly in it's gub - we will never know - but that's fishin'.

That unfortunately was it as we headed in shortly thereafter.

A nice Blue but it didn't top Chris's wee wild Broonie from Loch Ba on Saturday - a Cracking wild Highland Troot- Pictures to follow.

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