Thursday 9 October 2008

Muddler Zulu's Step By Step

I tie my Palmered flies a bit different to other folk as it's the way I was taught.

Here's an SBS for a Zulu Muddler.

Hook Kamasan B830 size 12

Thread Black size 8 / 0

Dubbing Black glister sparkle

Tail Red wool 2 ply 2 strands

Hackle Black Cock

Rib Med flat silver tinsel

Head Assorted coloured or natural deer hair.

Place hook in vice tie in thread starting about 3mm back from the eye.

Wrap thread to level with hook point, catch in doubled wool, wrap to 3mm from eye and tie in hackle with shiny side facing you. Catch in silver tinsel, and tie in wrapping thread back towards the eye again. Spin dubbing onto thread and wind dubbing back towards the tail in tight even turns. Wind the hackle to the tail in open turns and catch in with tying thread.

Work the thread in a zig zag fasion back through the hackle to the eye to avoid catching rhe hackle under it and then work the tinsel through the hackle in the same way, possibly pricking out any hackle points which get caught with a dubbing needle.

Take some deer hair from your patch, line up the tips in a hair stacker place it ver the top of the fly and take two loose wraps around it allowing the hair to spin round the shank the take a couple of tight wraps to allow the hair to flare into a nice even ruff.

Trim the head as required, work the thread to the eye, whip finish and varnish.

Voila !

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