Tuesday 10 March 2009

Burnhouse Lochan 7th March 2009

Well today was the day for a trip to Burnhouse Lochan with some folk from Fly Forums.

Burnhouse is situated just off the A80 about 2 miles from Cumbernauld and is actually quite a pleasant, if a bit barren, wee fishery. I think there was originally a burn which was dammed in order to create the Lochan which is interesting as it means there is a head of small wild brown Trout. Always a favourite of mine no matter where I'm fishing.


Anyway, back to the fishing. The fishery was open from 8a.m. I believe and I've no doubt the usual diehards were rattling on the door of the lodge at 7.45. There's no chance of that with me and I got there about 11.30 a.m. on a totally dreich Saturday morning. It wasn't raining at this point but it was quite windy and very overcast - rain was a certainty.


After tackling up it was about 12 noon and I went for a wee walk up to the Lodge where I bumped into 3lb Grayling A.K.A. Jim. It was the first time I'd met Jim even though I've spoken to him several times on the forum so we exchanged pleasantries and I went for a walk along the bank to talk to Neil and Chris A.K.A. Cumbrian Chris ( who had organised the day ) an exiled Cumbrian butcher now resident in sunny Banknock.


Anyway after a chat I returned to the fishing lodge as the pies were on the go and they were washed down with some of Shanksi's 8% proof cask beer. It was strong stuff there is no doubt about that. It kind of reminded me of a Fowler's wee heavy.

Well after lunch, I headed for the East shore of the fishery and gave it a bash but it was a bit cold and wet and windy. O.k. I could've worn waders but I didn't opting for Denim stylee Boyakasha for the day. Innit'


I had a few casts and nothing was doing so I headed for the West bank and a couple of the guys who were doing pretty well anyway allowed me to slot in between their pegs. There was no peg hogging at all which was good. After a change to a Black Dart, I had a wee Broonie around three quarters of a pound and it's just as well 3lber was next to me as he reminded me it was next week before I could chap it on the head. Crying shame too, pan sized Broonies are good eating.

I persevered for about an hour with the floating line and decided to go with a fast glass intermediate and get the lures really working so this I did and I was into a wee stockie within a couple of minutes. I landed it, chapped it on the head and pretty soon after was into what seemed a better fish but it threw the hook quite a distance into the Loch. After that I kind of got fed up and headed back to the fishing lodge where I had a piece of Auldjo's chocolate cognac cake and it was excellent and so well laced there must've been a full bottle in it.


Things were fast coming to an end and after a blether with Shanksi, McAllister, BTF, Hot to Trot, most of the other attendees and Whitegoatie, a lad who had driven all the way from Stamford but had been lucky enough to bag up, it was time to call it quits on a pleasant but dreich Scottish day fishing with some great folk.

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  1. Great days fishing, well worth the 600 mile round trip! Always good to mix with like minded people. Had never been to Scotland before, now I'm trying to convince the wife it would be a better destination than the Med!

  2. You'll have your work cut out there M8.

    If you manage to convince her to go for a short break, check out some of the residential caravans on the big Lochs. You're maybe looking at £150 for three nights in a first clas six berther.

    Let me know if you need more info.



  3. Seems like a lifetime ago now, maybe next year!