Friday 2 April 2010

Golden Olive Bumble

As we've been experiencing some pretty unseasonal weather here in Scotland, snow, blocked roads, sleet and frost I've indulged myself in tying some Golden Olive Bumbles for when the weather warms up.

Hook: B170 size 10
Thread: 8/0 Light Olive Uni Thread
Tail: Golden Pheasant Topping
Body: Irish Golden Olive Seals Fur ( Artifly )
Rib: Golden Oval
Body Hackles: Golden Olive Cock Saddle Hackle ( Artifly ) and Natural Brown chinese cock neck
Head hackle: Blue Jay ( Half Stripped )

I've been wanting to tie this fly for some time and was inspired by Ronnie MacKenzie's excellent brown trout at 11lb 10oz.

For me it's a cracking looking fly and I seem drawn to the Irish style with Dabbler patterns a favourite too.

Hopefully I'll have a troot picture to compliment this at some point later in the season.

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