Saturday 1 May 2010

Drumbowie Loch

Well today was the first of May 2010 and I had an invitation to fish Drumbowie loch with a friend who is a member.

The lease on Drumbowie has been held by the current club since 1952. The 35 acre water is located a short distance to the northwest of the Bonnybridge / Denny area , with a number of accessible boats. Bank fishing is also available. The reservoir is stocked through-out the year with hard fighting brown and rainbow trout.

I had a bit of a fuzzy head from last night so waited till it cleared before heading up. I made my apologies to my friend for being a bit late and we tackled up in the more than ample boatshed / members lodge. Initially we went for boat no.4 but decided to opt for no.2 as it seemed a better bet.

There was a bit of a blow going when we headed out and it was a wee bit overcast. Ideal.

fishinscotland,fly fishing,Scotland

Had a few cast in the middle of the loch but nothing was happening so we headed for a wee bay about half way down. Anchored up and then tied on a new flee couple of casts and bang, this hard fighting four pounder was on the hit list.

fishinscotland,fly fishing Scotland

Messed about trying to sink my " WET " flies which wouldn't sink and then lost a fish due to trying to take a photae while it was still in the water.

fishinscotland,fly fishing,fly tying,fishing,scotland

Retied my cast and another fish lost which broke the leader then took another around two pounds which came to the boat.

My friend went onto the snatchers and took a lovely bow around three pounds before we headed for home.

fishinscotland,fly fishing,Scotland

fishinscotland,fly fishing,Scotland

fishinscotland,fly fishing,Scotland

The wind had blown up a bit more and we had a hell of a time rowing so had to beach the boat and call for assistance.

fishinscotland,fly fishing,Scotland

What a cracking water Drumbowie is and the hard fighting fish are no myth.

My only regret is failing to hook up with one of the broonies which reside here.

Well done to the committee regarding this water.

Fishinscotland. :-)

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