Saturday 30 June 2012

The river Clyde - Europe's Top fishing destination ?

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Fly Fishing Holidays in Europe - The Top 5 Spots

An article by John Anderson.

What do you get when you add fly fishing to enchanting Europe? You get the best vacation – ever. It is a given that fly fishing spots are by default one of the most picturesque and when it is in Europe, you have no option than to surrender to the beauty of it all. From Austria to Estonia, Finland to Portugal, Wales to Spain, Sweden, Scotland, England, Bosnia, Bulgaria and more offer some of the finest fly fishing opportunities.

Fishing is way better than any therapy you could ever find! A couple of hours in the waters and you back to your happy place. And if it happens to be Europe, your happy place happier. There is nothing left to say about Europe and its beauty. From the art and architecture, landscape and history, the legacy and more, Europe has us intrigued and how! So the next time you are on a trip to Europe, take your fishing rods with you – fly fishing tackles to be more specific. Here are some of the loveliest fishing spots that you would not want to miss casting the line.

The Ticino River in Switzerland is known for its beauty and wonderful fishing.

Though most of the river is on private lands, but it is not hard to gain access to one of these. The place between Campo Blenio to Olivone, through Aquilia is small but easy to fly fish. The wonderful Alps, the little lakes and river give it that special Swiss touch. Ticino is located in the southern part and borders Italy- the southern climate of the place also make it known as ‘sunny part of Switzerland.

Your next location should be Dora Baltea. It springs from the highest mountain of Europe- Mount Blanc and runs a 160km and flows through the Aosta Valley. This is a great place for fly fishing for all the trout and grayling. This is your typical Alpine river with stony bottom. The river becomes wider, larger and deeper after the border with Piedmont.

The beautiful Lech River flows through both Austria and Germany.

For the best fly fishing experience, you have to fish in the water starting from Steeg to Bach and then again Haselgehr. The bugs are abundant here. The crystal clear lake, the mountain in the backdrop, the flowing river- a perfect setting for an idyllic fishing holiday. The mountain streams in this part of the world are brimming with trout and char- to make every fisherman’s day.

France – can never go wrong as a European holiday destination. Some of the most fantastic fishing spots tight here – Arve river. Click here for more fishing spots. Apart from the good fishing, the scenery is to die for even! It does not matter if it is a mountain brook or a crystal clear alpine lake you are casting in, the majestic Matterhorn back at you.

Camps Water is the place to be in Scotland. All those dreamy locations you had read about in the classic novels are about to come alive. These spots are absolutely picture perfect and the fishing – mind blowing. Between Abington and Crawford

where the Palla Reservoir empties into the Clyde River.

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