Friday 1 June 2012

Torridon and Applecross

I spent last weekend in Torridon and Applecross where I met Fred and Andy from the wild fishing forum who seemed a couple of totally decent guys.

Arrived late - ish on Friday night and had a couple of pints with them in the Torridon Hotel.

I couldn't settle when I returned to the campsite so headed down to Applecross early morning where I fished a couple of lochs but no luck in the blistering heat at 7 a.m. so after a wee siesta headed home via the " Road to the Isles ".

Bit of a bummer I couldn't spend more time with the forum chaps but it really was too hot for me for fishing.

Some Torridon Photo's

It really is a paradise up there when the weather god's are smiling !


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