Tuesday 17 July 2012

Greenpeace Activists Shut Down Scottish Petrol Stations

Targeting London and Edinburgh, " Greenpeace " activists shut down 74 Shell petrol stations in the Scottish and English Capitols in order to publicise their campaign against drilling for oil in the arctic.

24 confirmed arrests include 18 in London and 6 in Edinburgh. The protest's are part of Greenpeace's " Save the Arctic " campaign which was launched by Richard Branson and is supported by many prominent celebrities such as Robert Redford, Sir Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz,  Jude Law, Pedro Almodovar, Thom Yorke and One Direction.

"The Arctic is coming under assault and needs people from around the world to stand up and demand action to protect it," said Naidoo. "A ban on offshore oil drilling and unsustainable fishing would be a huge victory against the forces ranged against this precious region and the 4 million people who live there. And a sanctuary in the uninhabited area around the pole would in a stroke stop the polluters colonising the top of the world without infringing on the rights of indigenous communities."

Their tactics included removing the emergency shut-off switch keys before posting them back to shell HQ, padlocking pumps, climbing on forecourt roofs and dressing up as Polar Bears !

(photo @  Daily Record.co.uk)

Was dressing as Polar Bears taking things a little too far ?

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