Thursday 19 July 2012

Is the UK Border Staff Strike a Shameful Outrage

Uk Border Staff Plan Strike The Day Before The Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The UK immigration Secretary Theresa May said today that the planned strike by border staff, members of the Public and Commercial Services Union on the eve of the opening day of the Olympics next Thursday 26th July 2012 was " Shameful " and I tend to agree with her.

It'snot just me though, even Ed Milliband leader of the Labour Party said this kind of action was wrong.

The PCS said that 57.2 % of their members who voted backed the strike. What they omitted to say was that only approximately 20% of their members voted.

In my view any union that advocates strike action during or in the lead up to the Olympic Games with the sole intention of disrupting these games if their strike action goes ahead should have a mass exodus of members to the extent that they become unviable as a representative body of any group of people.

The Olympic Games should be something that brings people together and anyone, group or body of people who seeks to use them to forward their own interests is little better than a rogue terrorist.

Striking during the Olympic Games is just wrong and in my opinion a shameful outrage !

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