Saturday 29 December 2012

Thermos Food Flasks

I bought one of the Thermos food flasks recently from Argos and thought I would just do a heads up on them. I got it for work and general outdoors use and unlike the older cheaper thermos model I bought for around a tenner, this one actually keeps food warm as long as you temper the chamber with boiling water properly before you fill it.

I paid £19.99 but if you're out and about in the sales I think Debenhams have them for £16 at the moment. They have a nice wide filling aperture for chunky soups and stews and come with a neat little folding spoon that fit's in the lid. Only criticism is that the lid/cup/bowl is a bit small and the flask would probably benefit from having the slightly extra capacity that the Stanley food flask has.

This is the blue enamelled version which was available from Argos but I reckon the Hammerite finished one is probably better.

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  1. I like this thermos flask. I can put hot drinks or soups with this anywhere I go. Perfect for this cold season. thanks!