Tuesday 7 May 2013

Loch Leven Brown Trout record now into double figures !

Loch Leven regular Alan Campbell has smashed the loch Leven brown trout record of 9 lbs 13 ozs which was caught by Colonel Bob Scott on 8th September 1911.

( photo originates from Willie the Ghillies blog loch Leven )

Alan's magnificent trout weighed an official 11 lbs 5 3/8 ozs and was caught at Hole ‘o’ Inch using a Black / Red Buzzer, with the location and fly being recommended by Willie and Michael Wilson.

Full details and further photographs can be found at Willie the Ghillie's blog for Loch Leven Fisheries .


  1. Why kill it? It will not be the best eating at that size...

    Regular Rod

  2. I guess, it's a personal choice Rod and the man to ask would be Mr. Campbell. I saw a few folk were asking the same thing last night on Willie the Ghillies blog. I've always been of the opinion that if you catch a fish then you have the right to decide what you do with it. Would I have chapped it ? To be honest, I don't know ?

    Regarding eating, I'm unsure but I've heard that wild trout that size can taste just like wild salmon.

  3. Rod, I've just had a look on the Willie the Ghillies blog at Loch Leven Fisheries and there is a full and thorough answer to your question there. I would tend to concur with everything they've said as what they have said seems to make very good sense especially when they are the experts on Loch Leven itself.

    Regarding what's going to happen to the fish, it is not going to be eaten but will be preserved for display alongside the cast of the previous record holding fish.

    Thanks for your comment.