Monday 15 July 2013

East Coast Extreme Kayak Adventure

Thursday 11th July 2013

Made plans to meet up with Paul Reid who runs the Kayak Fishing Scotland group for a bit of an extreme kayak adventure near Eyemouth . So I travelled down the night before arriving about 12 midnight and slept in the van. Paul got a bit delayed and met up with me around 6.30 a.m. on the Thursday morning.

Got myself sorted and we headed down to the harbour where we put in and parked the cars elsewhere to avoid the seven pound parking charges which are understandable on busy days but were a bit expensive for my liking.

Started off with a launch about 7 a.m, paddled out in overcast conditions that turned into a beautiful day. Caught the tail end of the incoming tide then caught it full force again about 3 p.m. Had some very decent Mackerel that scrapped like steam trains. Caught coalies, pollock and cod and a face like a weel skelped ar** due to the solar radiation. 

Awesome place this, fishing amongst small skerries and out from the lighthouse where at one point my yak was spinning 360's around it's centre in the current as though it was in the eye of a whirlpool. Which made me feel like Captain Jack Sparrow on stranger tides !

 ( Get set )

 ( Paddlin' Out )

( Made a nifty wee bracket for the fish finder that worked a treat )

 ( Mackerel on the Hokkais )

( Coalie on the Hokkais ! )

( Cracking Mackerel )

( Out at the lighthouse )

 ( In amongst the skerries )

( You've gotta love the Abu Garcia Ambassadeurs )

 ( Catch of the day )

( Had my Grey's GRXI chesties on for the day )

 ( Paul Reid with a very Nice Pollock )

( Wee cod )

Great day out in a fabulous location with fantastic weather and  great company but definitely  not one for the faint hearted !

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