Sunday 14 July 2013

Paul Get's a nice Pollock or three on the east coast !

Paul's cracking Pollock from his Teksport kayak on a deep spun Berkley Gulp ragworm just off the east coast of Scotland.

As Frank Carson would've said " that's a cracker " !

Nice one M8.


  1. Nice fish but yer pal looks a bit precarious in that canoe. One big wave and its curtains is it not.

    Glad u had a good day.


  2. You'd be surprised at how stable the fishing yaks are Mark but there's no doubt they're better suited to calm seas and windless days.
    You've got to pick your locations according to the weather and if you're venturing any distance from shore you would really need to use a proper sea kayak.
    Would like to stress that anyone thinking of taking up kayak angling would really be best to take a BCU or RYA safety course so that they know exactly what they're getting themselves into.