Sunday 29 September 2013

Glasgow Angling centre open weekend

I took a wee turn into GAC for a look at what was going on at the open day and was quite impressed. Dinghies, birds of prey, casting and food wagons in the car park and a few bits and pieces going on inside such as the expected tying demo's and a couple of guys with a computer controlled fishing machine which was actually very realistic. Basically, the machine generated the fight of a fish as you played it on the video screen and you were awarded points for how well/realistically you played the fish. Needless to say I was top of the form for all of about 2 mins till the next guy came along and put me back in my place.

Will add some pics later & here they are
Fair bit going on in the car park

Birds of prey

Eagle owl

Sean, the designer  from UK fly reels I think playing a fish on the simulator

And here's a wee video of the simulator in action

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