Tuesday 4 March 2014

GLasgow Angling Centre - Open Weekend Update

Well, as I hoped I made it into the Glasgow Angling Centre open day again on Sunday. Allan had finished his tying by the time I got there and so had Dave Edwards who was going to give me a Bug Bond demo of how he ties his fantastic bug bond headed pike flies but it wasn't to be.

It's not all bad though because there were some pretty weel kent faces of the fishing world who had taken up their stations at the tying benches and I got some very good tips and hints from them to go with the flies Allan had given me on the Friday.

Here are some photo's of the day

Darryl Mooney from Partridge of Redditch showing me how he ties up his great wee bead head nymphs using a vinyl body material and some touch dubbing behind the bead.

Some of Darryl's excellent bead head nymphs/bugs.

Darryl Mooney, Ian McKenzie, Paul Little and Jim Lees.

Ian McKenzie mid spool.

Another photo of Allan Liddle from the Friday. Presenting my youngest with one of the excellent foam beetles that he ties for the troot's.

All in all a great day, if just a wee bit hectic. I think the biggest disappointment was the fact the burger van had closed by the time I finished up but I consoled myself with a nice Scottish crab from the See Woo supermarket next door

 that got scoffed in the only way it should with some baguette, Normandy butter, a little lemon mayonaise and a nice glass of Chardonnay, lovely.

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