Wednesday 25 September 2013

Salmon Farming - Is this the beginning of the end ?

A mass cull on farmed salmon has been ordered at two Norwegian salmon farm sites by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Damien O'Brien of  " No Salmon Farms at Sea " reported on Saturday that 2 salmon farms in Norway have been ordered to slaughter their entire stock of salmon due to a resistance to chemicals and antibiotics which have seen the farms unable to bring down lice on farmed salmon since the summer, thus providing an unacceptable risk to wild migratory salmon passing through the fjiords where the salmon farms are located next spring.

The incidents are by no means isolated as the farms in question are hundreds of miles apart and lice infestations are reported to be ten times permitted levels.

One of the companies involved is Sinkaberg-Hansen which is linked to the Minister for Fisheries and coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen and her family is heavily involved in the salmon farming industry who reportedly have the largest family owned salmon farming operation in Norway.

It is reported that veterinary institutes are claiming there are no tools left in the fight against sea lice infestations on farmed salmon.

Further details can be found on the No Salmon Farms at Sea Blog.

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